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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The legend of the Haunted Castle

Once upon a time there was a count who lived together with his wife and his two daughters in a castle on the Land of Vampires.
The castle had two big towers, which were locked because they were haunted by the ghost of the Bloody Vampire, who had been tortured for a long time by Sir Andalus, the father of the count. The vampire had kidnapped the count’s most valuable treasure, his daughter, whom he loved so deeply. Although the count had tried to save his daughter, he did not succeed to do that. So, when he found his daughter dead, count Andalus suffered a lot and became merciless and cruel to his son and his family. In order to avenge the death of his daughter, he caught the vampire and tortured him until he died.
After the vampire died, count Andalus locked him into a coffin in the tower of the castle. But as he could not get used to the reality that beloved daughter had died, he threw himself from one of the towers into the sea. The death of his father brought a lot of sufferance to his son because the ghost of the Bloody Vampire started to haunt the castle. The ghost kidnapped the count’s two daughters, he locked them into the towers of the castle and tortured them to death.
The count and his wife suffered enormously for the loss of their two daughters. Devoid of any hope, the two decided to end their misery. So, they climbed to the highest tower, they threw themselves from there and the abyss swallowed them forever.
After their death, the castle was desert, because no other man dared to live there.
Written by Amanuela Cormoş and Ionela Şovrea

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