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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Giant and the Sun

Once upon a time, a giant named Gargantua left home when he was very young. He travelled on foot to many countries, aimlessly. One day, as he crossed the Romanian border, he was far from imagining what would happen to him. Towards the end of the day, he arrived in a Romanian village and he liked it almost immediately. Villagers, surprised by the giant, asked him many questions. So it was like that Gargantua started telling the story of his life to whom was willing to listen.
Romanian people came from far away to listen to his stories. Unfortunately, some of them started to become jealous and formed enemy bands telling that Gargantua was a monster and a liar. They even wanted to organize a hunt to kill him!
The Sun knew that Gargantua was right and he wanted to convince the whole world. So one day, the sun turned into an attractive man and went down to Earth, specifically in Romania, and told everybody that Gargantua's story was true. Enemy troops came to meet the Sun and said:
‘You are in cahoots with him! You’re also a liar!’ said the enemies.
‘Really?’ replied the Sun. “But I am the Sun reincarnated into a man to prove that the history of Gargantua is true and that you have no reason to want to kill him! As the Sun, I can see everything and you have to believe me!”.
He added: ‘Look, it is night, tomorrow morning at dawn, it will still be night because I won’t go up to bring you light and I won’t do it until everyone stops their threats against Gargantua!’
The enemies, not knowing what to say, went to tell their discussion with the Sun to the rest of the troops. The following day, late morning, people saw that there was still no sun, and believed the Sun, of course.
Gargantua thanked the Sun and added this event to his stories. He lived very long and died peacefully surrounded by his faithful friends...
Written by Souhem M’Hammedia

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