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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The legend of the Church Guarded by Dragons

This legend is the story of a church hidden in the Calamity Mountains, guarded and defended by three fearless dragons that came to life after a spell made by Felix. It is said that the old man found the church and vowed to protect it even beyond death.
While wandering through lonely places on his donkey, he came to a high mountain which seemed to mean nothing else but the way to a great discovery. And as there was no way to go round the mountain, Felix was forced to cling to the dangerous rocks in order to get to its heart.
On his exhausting journey, Felix noticed that the mountain began to quake, it split in two and its depths revealed an old church. Getting closer with fear, it was a big surprise for him when he saw that the church was hosting a real treasure: several icons and holy objects of gold, which shone so bright that you could barely look at them. While he was admiring the marvelous view that appeared in front of his eyes, an angel came to Felix and told him that he was the chosen one, who would have to guard these treasures. Old Felix promised the angel that he would protect the church until his death and even beyond.
Many years passed during which the old man was endowed by God with miraculous powers as a reward for his unswerving faith and dedication with which he guarded the sacred treasures. Feeling that his death was close, the old man thought to invoke three fearless dragons to protect the church after his death. But as dragons are not eternal either, through God’s miracle they were petrified and today, they scrupulously guard the church, protecting it from those who might jeopardize its treasures.
Written by Anamaria Buda, Marius Che┼čeli, Andrea Mica and Paula Pinte

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