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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The princess and Gargantua

This is the story of the princess who had to get married. Her parents introduced her to many suitors, but she could not find her soul mate. Her parents were disappointed and asked her whom she wanted to marry and she answered: “Gargantua”.
Gargantua lived far from the United Kingdom, so her parents decided to send attendants to look for Gargantua in the Baie-de-Somme. The attendants were afraid of going to the Baie-de-Somme because Gargantua was an ogre who was well-known for devastating everything on his way.
On the so long expected day, the attendants landed at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, then they took the train to the north of France to get to the Baie-De-Somme. When they arrived at Gargantua’s cave, they explained the situation and Gargantua accepted to marry the princess.
All people in the village in the Baie-De-Somme were happy because Gargantua would not destroy their houses any longer, and the attendants were also happy because they had fulfilled their mission. They all arrived at Buckingham Palace, and the king and the queen were happy and so was the princess.
The princess and Gargantua got married, lived happily ever after and had a lot of children.
Written by Hawa Camara and Sonia Boukharta

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