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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Modern Past

Modern Past

Authors: Alfred, Marius, Mehdi, Asma, Souhem, Amel, Raluca, Denisa, Anita, Nafissa, Ana, Astou
Characters: Arthur, the Witch, Pintea, Melusine, André (rapper, Arthur in the present), Terry (modern witch), Melisa, Paullo
Time: from the past into the present…
Place: in a bus / on the street
Objects: a bus, calendar 2010, a small bag with money

Arthur: collants, belt, boots, wig, armour, tunic, pants.
The witch/Terry: black hat, black dress, black gloves, shoes.
Pintea: peasant white trousers, tunic, gun, belt.
Melusine: yellow corset, green tail, necklace.
André: loose trousers, trainers and t-shirt.
Melisa: modern yellow corset, green/blue skirt lady, blue dress, shoes.
Paullo: jeans, shoes, hat, t-shirt, jacket.


SCENE 1: By a mistake of the witch, the characters landed in our time, in a bus.

Pintea: What is this beast who eats people??? (amazed and scared)

Arthur: Let's kill it!!! (angry)

Melusine: I think I will throw up! ...Bleaoachh... (sick)

The witch: I ... quit my witch license ...Ahhhhhhh! (angry)

Arthur: You are responsible for all this!!!! I will have you beheaded! (furious)

Witch: You, idiot, I can transform you into a skeleton if I want to...(disgusted)

Arthur: Sorry...( almost crying)

Pintea: Let's get out of this beast!

Melusine: Yes, it's a good idea ....

SCENE 2: They get off the bus, on the street and they see blocks of flats.

Witch: Look!!!!....(amazed)

Melusine: What could be there?...(amazed)

Arthur: Where are we?

Pintea: I don't know...???

Melusine: Fair lady...y ...(amazed) you look very familiar, have we met before?

Melisa: No!!! Why?

Melusine: Doesn't matter...could you tell us where is the way to the castle?

Melisa: What castle?

Melusine: Camelot!!!

Arthur: My castle!!! (arrogant)

Melisa: Are you kidding? Camelot was destroyed more than 600 years ago!!! (surprised)

Arthur: What did you say? I will cut your tongue!!!! (furious)

Melisa: Sorry?... Mr...if you don't want to have trouble with the police, then leave now!!!!!

Pintea: Let's go find the castle! This woman is crazy!

Witch: Look at this calendar...it says year 2010!( surprised)

Pintea: What?! 2010... I can't believe it...(amazed)

Arthur: You, stupid witch! You brought us into the future!! I swear on God I will handle you when we get home! (very frustrated)

Melusine: I'm hungry...(sick)

Pintea: Oh...shut up...!!! (bothered)

Arthur: This is a disgrace... where is my horse, nobody bows to salute me!!

Witch: You cry baby….instead of complaining, you could help me gather some ingredients for a potion that could send us back to our time. (bothered)

Arthur: I am a king, not a servant ...ask Pintea! (arrogant)

Witch: For the potion, we need: a rat's tail, a chicken head, a lizard's eye, king's spit.... and (putting up a funny face) a lawyer!

Arthur: Oh...berk...( disgusted)

Pintea: What? A law... what?( surprised)
Witch: Just kidding. Now ..(serious)

Melusine: And how on earth, do we find this ingredients? (bothered)

Witch: By asking people, going from house to house, I don't know! You are the ones who want to return home, aren't you?

All: ...Yes! (bored)

Arthur meets André, a rapper.

Arthur: Good day dear peasant, I came tooo...What is this witchery?

André: Are you crazy, man? What's up? Is this the hidden camera? Buzz of dude...before I get my gun! (bothered)

Arthur: How dare you? Offence me? Don't you know who I am?

André: Yes, a retard most likely! (bored)

Arthur: Yes!... I mean, no, no! Doesn't matter! Good day! (angry)

André: Freak! (bothered)

Pintea meets Paullo, a Spanish.
Pintea: Hey you!!!

Paullo: Who, me?

Pintea: Yes ... you! Wait!

Paullo: What's the problem señor? (curious)

Pintea: Do you have a chicken head?

Paullo: A what???

Pintea: A chicken head!!!

Paullo: What for señor?? (curious)

Pintea: For a magic potion.

Paullo: Go to the fast food, I think they have there some chicken heads!

Pintea: But, what is a fast food? (surprised)

Paullo: It's a place where you can eat.

Pintea: Oh...Thanks. Here... he gives the young man a small bag with gold (very grateful)

Paullo: Gracias, señor, gracias...

The witch meets Terry, the modern witch.
Witch: Good day, beautiful.... oh... my God, you are hideous...(shocked)

Terry: What, me, ugly? Look at you!!!

Witch: Do you have a lizard's eye?

Terry: Yes...I think I have one in the kitchen...

Witch: Oh... That's so good...

Terry: Have we met before? (curious)

Witch: I think so....

Terry: Here, take it. But what do you need the eye for?

Witch: A potion.

Terry: Good luck!

Witch: Thank you, have a good day!


Witch to the others: So... have you gathered the ingredients?

The others: Yes! (excited)

Witch: Very good!!!...Now, let's see. Rat's tail, chicken head, lizard's eye, and... Arthur ...What are you waiting for?

Arthur: Do I have to ? (almost crying)

Witch: Yes. Spit!

Arthur: Hoo puhh !

Witch: That's good, and now
All the stakes be now or not
We go back to Camelot!
And so, they returned back to their time and they lived long, if they didn't die of hunger....

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