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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The story of Melusine

The story begins like this: a woman called Melusine lived a very difficult life. One day, her husband came back from work, drunk. He wanted to kill her, but Melusine pushed him back. He had a knife in his pocket, he took it and killed his wife when she was asleep.
When Melusine was buried in Normandie, she didn't understand what happened so she tried to go out, but she was locked underground. At night, she could hear people talking. One day, she prayed to God to let her go out. Suddenly, the ground exploded and she went out and hid behind a tree. Melusine was naked, pale, she had fair hair and green eyes.
At that point, she heard people speaking and she saw strange pale people dressed in black. One of these men approached her, he was starving and wanted to bite her neck. She begged him not to do that or he would regret it. The man stopped and said:
‘If I don't do that, will you be my wife for ever?’
The man was called Dracula, he took her to his castle and told her that he was a vampire. Melusine was afraid, she also told him that she could not remember her past and that she had what she wanted.
They lived happily ever after and had eight children. Now we do not have any information on them. Maybe they live next door to you or in the same city or maybe they are dead. But as they are vampires it is not possible, is it? Who knows?
Written by Hind Suzanne Hedir

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