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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Mouse-Man

Once upon a time, there lived a mouse which was in fact a man who had been transformed by a sorceress from Romania a long time ago. One day, the mouse started to fly and went to find the sorceress in order to take revenge on her. But the sorceress wasn’t there, she had gone to France to make a surprise visit to her brother whom she missed terribly.
As she was afraid to lose her way, she dropped pink stones on the ground, all along the way. Thanks to this, the mouse was able to follow her. When the sorceress arrived in Paris, she learnt that her brother had been beheaded and, shocked by this terrible news, she fainted near St. Denis.
The mouse, which had also arrived to destination, saw the sorceress and the animal had mercy on the sorceress, even though it had been transformed by her. The mouse approached and stopped a few metres away from the sorceress, thinking and trying to find a solution to help the sorceress before people could see her like that.
People watched the sorceress and the mouse, and they were surprised by what happened next: the animal went in the sorceress’s mouth, straight to her heart, to make it beat again. The mouse succeeded to come out of the mouth then. When the sorceress woke up, she was very surprised that the animal helped her after all that she had done. She asked for forgiveness and she transformed the mouse back into a man.
That is the reason why the man had the nickname Mouse-Man throughout the world! When he died, the sorceress paid tribute to him and buried him in St. Denis Basilica in France.
Written by Aboubaker Seddik

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