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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gargantua and the Magic Bird

A young child and Gargantua wanted to travel through time. So, they asked a witch with light purple dress, black heel shoes, and black hat, to help them; she accepted to take them through time on condition that they return before midnight.
They started to travel through time and they arrived in Disneyland. People in Disneyland thought they were there to make a big show and the owner of Disneyland wanted them to present a show. As the young child was looking at the owner’s magic bird, he promised the child to give him the bird if they worked until midnight. The young child accepted to make a show and Gargantua also accepted to work, on condition that he always had something to eat.
The show started. The people were happy and impressed. The show in Disneyland started with Gargantua walking in his tiger costume, which measured 15 metres high, and his boots, which were made of wood, and his hair was covered in mud. Children who saw him, shouted because they were shocked by his size. After Gargantua’s show, the young child who was wearing a golden shirt with a light red jacket, golden boots and a red cap, started to tell his story. When the show finished it was almost midnight, so the owner gave them the magic bird and Gargantua took McDonald’s food with him and they returned back to their time.
People in Disneyland were very impressed by their show and the owner gained a lot of money. From this moment they began to have parades in Disneyland.
Written by Aysel Yayilkan and Emelyne Poissonnier

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