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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Once upon a time there was a king and a queen who had everything, but they wanted a child very much. They tried but they couldn’t have one so they thought to go to a witch to help the queen to have a child. After a short time, the queen was pregnant and she gave birth to a girl that was as beautiful as a flower, as a drop of dew, as the dawn of the day.
When the girl grew up, the parents thought that it was the moment for her to get married so that they would have a heir to the throne. They invited many suitors but they left exactly as they came and the girl was alone. One morning, the princess was sitting on the terrace of the castle and she was looking in the distance. Her parents saw and asked her:
“Why is our daughter sad and what is she thinking about?”
“I’m thinking about the wedding of a princess with the sun on the sky”, the girl answered.
“And do you think such a thing is possible?”
“I don’t know, but I’ll go to see.”
The king, the queen and all the courtiers begged her not to go, but the princess was deaf to their prayers. Her parents had no other choice but to bless her and hope they would see her again. The girl began her journey to look for the sun and she went a long way, but in vain! She got into a dark forest and she wanted to rest but she heard a scream. She realized that it was coming from the top of the tree so she climbed up the tree and there she found a little dragon, who was afraid of the Evil-Wind. The dragon asked the girl to take care of him and he would help her when she needed. The princess took care of the little dragon until the Evil-Wind left.
When the mother of the dragon returned, she asked the girl how she could reward her and the princess answered that she wanted to get to the sun. But the bird could not help her with that and asked her to wait one year. After about six months, the girl met the Evil-Wind again and he proposed her to marry him. The princess accepted provided that he would take her to the sun. But soon he realized he had been deceived and he told the mother of the sun that a woman was in her kingdom. The mother of the sun looked for the princess and, when she found her, she turned the girl into a seed and threw it into the wind, which took her to the ground, to grow and bloom. A flower which resembles the sun grew from the seed and this flower continuously turns its face after the sun from sunrise to sunset, it longs for the sun, but it can never touch him. This flower was called the Sunflower.

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