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Sunday, January 17, 2010


The project aims mainly at developing knowledge and understanding among students and educational staff, in disadvantaged areas, of the diversity of European culture and its value.The other purpose is to encourage the learning of modern foreign languages (English, Romanian and French). Finally, the teachers in this partnership hope that the project will contribute to the reinforcement of students’ personal fulfilments.

The main subject of the project is legends: Europeans should not forget their past and the legends are an important part in our common European identity. A people without history is a people without culture – therefore legends mean culture and by sharing our legends we will be sharing our culture, discovering that we are not so different.Indeed, understanding the past evolutions of legends will enable students to face otherness with more confidence.

To achieve these objectives, all the activities of the project will be centred on learning and practising English and the partner’s language. Moreover, students will examine and promote European legends. Thus they will learn about another culture. Finally, the activities were selected keeping in mind that they must encourage students to express their tallent by creating new stories, by performing a play (written by students) and by creating attractive documents using ICT. Thus, the aim is also to make the students feel proud and confident in themselves.

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