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Saturday, January 9, 2010


King Feather had a son he named Bat. Being very old, the king called his son and blessing him, he gave him the whole kingdom.
Bat become king and he wanted to know his kingdom and the people of his kingdom.
One day, the king decided to gather a big army and provisions for getting around his country. When everything was ready he started his journey. He went from village to village and from city to city, until he got into a hamlet, where the people told him:
‘My Lord, you are welcome, but if your life is dear to you, we beg you not to stay in our village’.
‘Why’ the king asked.
‘A witch lives here, in a dark cave, and she transforms all the people who pass by’.
The king didn't listen to them and went to the cave. When the witch saw the king, she turned him into a mouse. The poor mouse hid under a rock. After a few days, as he was hungry, the mouse got out from there and went to the village. There, the mouse went into a house where he stayed for a while and he found a hiding place near the stove. But, the cat found his hiding place. The wise Bat ran to the church.
The mouse lived very well there. After a while he went near the bell, but he couldn't stay there because the people found him.
One day, the mouse started to fly. He saw the window and flew outside. He found the cave of the witch. The witch was cook and Bat, in order to avenge himself, flew directly into the witch’s hair. Scared, she started to scream. The villagers killed the witch and saved the village, and Bat became “the flying Bat”.

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